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Available Books

Beyond the Darkness

  • Recognizing the pain and trauma of sexual abuse (including ritualistic abuse).
  • Exposing the truth, lies, and denial of the abuse.
  • As a survivor of sexual abuse, Kubetin offers genuine understanding, identification, validation, encouragement, and hope.
  • Promotes the rebuilding of trust, control, and intimacy.
  • Cindy Kubetin
  • Dr. James Mallory, M.D.
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Shelter from the Storm (DVD)

12 Part series of Shelter from the Storm with one-on-one interviews.
  • Realize the false beliefs about sexual abuse
  • Grieve the pain of sexual abuse and learn to let go of the past
  • Reclaim trust, control and intimacy
  • Begin the road to recovery through the Word of God
  • Take the path, with God's help, from victim to survivor to thriver

Shelter from the Storm Leaders Guide


Shelter from the Storm

A self-paced course designed for daily study and weekly support group sessions. Through the person, Bible-centered activities and the small group meetings, individuals can affirm, encourage, and pray for each other in their journey toward recovery.

  • Cindy Kubetin
  • Dr. James Mallory, M.D.

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