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Seminars Offered by Cindy Kubetin Littlefield

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Sexual, Emotional, Verbal Abuse

Experience God's restoration from abuse issues. Identify the horrific consequences of abuse and learn the steps to live again. Learn to grieve, let go of the past, and live in the present. Experience peace, wholeness, and a life with healthy relationships.

Dysfunctional Families

Experience the freedom to be you in your family system. Identify the rational and irrational characteristics of the family you grew up with. Learn to laugh, cry, be angry, and love family members again in a healthy way. Deal with Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sister.


Learn your anger style and see if it is helping or hurting you. Build your self-worth as you discover the truth about anger. Allow anger to become a healthy emotion in your life and in your relationships.

Self-Worth and Leadership

Make peace with the image of the past and establish a new image in Him. Identify your leadership skills and develop them for the Kingdom. Come to know and love yourself as an emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual being.

Addictions: Sex, Love, Internet, Chemical & Pornography

Overcome the cycle of sex, love, and pornography addictions. Seek God's healing for the emotional, physical, or sexual abuse that directed you toward this path. Understand the cycle of obsession, gratification, justification, despair and, finally, the promises to "never do ____ again."


Learn to overcome co-dependency and set boundaries you have always been afraid to set. Experience new freedom with healthy "no's. Get past false guilt and live in Christ's freedom.

Parenting in the Millennium

Fine-tune your parenting skills as a divorced parent, as a stepparent, as a single parent, or as an adult child from a dysfunctional family. Learn skills and use counseling services for children dealing with the trauma of divorce, abuse, or other devastating issues.

Marital Help

Develop intimacy and conflict resolution skills. Learn to love again. Overcome the devastating effects in your marriage due to sexual abuse, family of origin issues, pornography, adultery, or the distant partner. Lay down pride and learn to connect with your spouse. Discover what you really need from each other and learn to meet those needs. Learn emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy.